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Tonight! [07 Jun 2008|12:09pm]


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[06 Jun 2005|11:24pm]

Hi^_^ I just watched a new anime, new to me that is, and wanted to rec it to others who might not have seen it yet. LJ-cut after a bit to avoid filling people's Flists.

Title: Read or Die

Warning: Do big breasts count?^_^ A few scenes of extreme violence.

Acquisition Method: You could probably find it fansubbed, but it has been released on one dvd in the US.

Format: 3 part OVA. There's a sequel tv series but I haven't watched it yet. And the OVA pretty much stand on their own.

Genre: Sci-fi/action/parody of every action movie cliche there is. The term "mock epic" suits it best.

Plot: The main character is Yomiko Readman, a bespectacled substitute teacher who spends every cent she earns on books and who dresses like a stern librarian. Yomiko's book obsession reminds me of myself^_~ Her entire apartment building, which I assume she owns, is filled with books. The woman can't walk without stepping on paper. She's so absorbed in her books that she has these little stick notes on her door, fridge, bookcase, to remind her to eat, clean, and brush her hair. The expression on her face when she finds a book she wants is so ME that I couldn't help laughing^^ Anyways, Yomiko is The Paper, a special agent working for the British Library Special Engineering Force. Yep, it's set in Britain. When a weird humanoid riding a monster/insect tries to steal a rare book from her, Yomiko becomes serious and is amazingly competent as her special ability is to fashion paper into any shape and form she desires. Various people keep exclaiming: "The Paper!" during the anime like one would say "It's Bond. James Bond."^_^

So a crazy scientist is using mutated clones of other famous scientists from the past to steal rare books from libraries around the world. He plans to destroy the human race by broadcasting Beethoven's lost "Death Symphony," which will compel everyone who hears it to commit suicide. It's up to Yomiko and her team of assorted quirky characters to stop his evil plan.Read more...Collapse )

I hope you'll give this series a try at least. This is one very original and unique anime. The premise is going to sound weird and baffling at first but take it on faith and trust me that this is one anime you can't afford to miss.

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Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto [13 Sep 2004|12:30pm]

Or, if you're not into tongue-twisters, Someday's Dreamers. (The Japanese title means, "An Important Thing for a Magic User.")

This isn't a big, loud, flashy series. It's not full of a lot of action and plot twists. It's sweet and quiet and wistful and understated, and for that reason it gets overlooked a lot. But I lurve it, and I'm determined to make everyone else lurve it too. So there.:D

It's about a country girl, Kikuchi Yume, who comes to Tokyo to become a licensed magic user. While she's there, she meets a bunch of interesting folks: her boss, who runs a salsa club; the DJ, who's kind of a big sister to her; an English girl who's also a mage; a guy who helps her out and refuses to take payment for it, and so forth. The voice acting is swell, and I love Yume's cute country accent (she says "Watassu" instead of "Watashi") and her cowlick and the multiple magic-using biseinen and the soundtrack and and and.

[muted, understated squee]

Anyway, it's lovely and you should check it out.

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[09 Aug 2004|05:21am]

[ mood | curious ]

I blame genkischuldich, that community pimp!
So in my first post I present to you my current favourite crack, Paranoia Agent.

Title: Paranoia Agent (Mousou Dairinin, 妄想代理人)

Warning: Do I need to warn for insanity? ~_^

Acquisition Method: As per usual, available fansubbed. It got licensed by Geneon recently, so expect the DVDs to be out soon (*fidget*!)

Format: Finished at 13 episodes

Genre: Generally I'd say psychological drama, but it encompanies bits and pieces from all sorts of genres; fantasy, a bit of romance, mystery etc. etc. etc. Basically something for everyone *laughs*

Plot: The basic story is about a mysterious person called Shounen Bat - after his means of attack - who seemingly attacks random people and sends them to hospital. Of course police start investigating and despite the fact the two officers do find leads and links between the victims, they can't solve the case. And why do the victims all seem strangely relieved after the attacks?

I should probably warn that the story gets very sidetracked after #7 and only returns to the main plot with #10 or #11. On the other hand, the side stories are very interesting and do give you another angle to the main plot, so I wouldn't suggest skipping them.

Seiyuu: Heh, that'll get pretty... the main role is done by Noto Mamiko (Nina/Anna in Monster, Kotori in X TV). In supporting roles you get Mitsuishi Kotono, Seki Toshihiko, Sakaguchi Daisuke and others.

Technical details: Oh my, where should I begin... the animation changes according to the "surroundings" of the characters, i.e. you get treated to diverse animation methods. The "general" animation which you get in most scenes is very clean and crisp. If you've seen Perfect Blue, you'll know what to expect (since Kon Satoshi is also the director for this one) and even if we're talking about a TV anime, the quality is very high (in my personal opinion, of course).

A very interesting treat to the eyes are the eyecatches in the episodes - just look at them and you'll know what I mean ~_^

I love the animation for the fact that you never quite know what's real and what isn't - despite the changes in animation I've talked about above, there are a lot of surreal moments during the "normal" animation. Just look at the opening and you'll be sucked into the general surreal feeling of it.

Music: Well, the music (i.e. the opening) got me interested in it at first, so I'd say it's interesting ~_^ The opening is by Hirasawa Susumu who a few people might still know from his songs for Berserk. The soundtrack is very appropriate, it supports the creepy moments as well as the more normal ones pretty well. I *hate* the ending, though, I'd suggest just skipping it since it's a boring instrumental which feels like a visit at the dentist's to me.

Squee factor: I'm a sucker for psychological stories, so of course I've been squeeing a lot about it ^^; The seiyuu also add to it ^_^

Fans: No organised ones, at any rate, I've neither found a community nor a mailing list -_-

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Gilgamesh [20 Jul 2004|03:17am]

And if this posting suddenly reminds you that you joined a comm for pimping anime that need more fans, please feel free to post about your own favourites! ;)

Title: Gilgamesh.

Acquisition Method: Up until recently, it was only available fansubbed. However, it recently got licenced by ADV Films so it should be available on DVD soon.

Format: It's a series of twenty-six episodes, all of which have been broadcast in Japan. That's good to hear, because once you get your hands on it, you'll need to watch the next episode immediately to find the answers to the questions raised in the ep you just watched. Every episode answers another question and drops another bombshell that needs an explanation.

Genre: It's an atmospheric post-apocalyptic occult sci-fi mindscrew, and probably a few other genre could be thrown in there as well! A sense of melancholy and darkness permeates the whole series, so you may well get the impression that the ending will be downbeat.

Plot: A world catastrophe occurred in the year 1010, an event later dubbed "Twin X". The "sheltering sky" lies over the entire world now, and stops all computers and technology from functioning. The world appears to be decaying.

In this world, two children, a boy and a girl are being chased by debt collectors, but they are rescued and taken in by a group who refer to themselves as Gilgamesh. Yet another group retrieve them and take them to meet the Countess, who pays off the debt collectors and therefore buys them.

The boy, Tatsuya, was born after "Twin X" and so is able to use Dynamis, a kind of energy that allows the user some forms of psychic powers. He joins with the other Dynamis users that the Countess has taken in; Tsukioka Tooru, Fujisaki Isamu and Omuro Fuuko.

There are many questions to be answered still. Who is the children's father, and how did their mother acquire such massive debts? What are the origins of both Gilgamesh and the Countess' group? What links them all?

Seiyuu: Shibuya Shigeru (Gene Starwind in Outlaw Star) voiced Novem, one of my favourite characters in this. I also really liked Itou Kentarou (Geisel in Weiß Kreuz Glühen) who played Fujisaki. Kazamatsuri, a character I thoroughly hated (and was meant to!), was voiced by Fujiwara Keiji (Takatori Masafumi in Weiß and Enjouji in Kizuna). Saiga Mitsuki plays the role of the Countess. She voiced Wolfram in Kyou Kara Maou and Jing in King of Bandits Jing, so this only goes to prove how versatile she is!

Also making brief appearances are Nojima Kenji (Toudou in Weiß Kreuz Glühen, Setsuna in Angel Sanctuary OAV) and Suwabe Jun'ichi (Atobe in Tennis no Oujisama).

All in all, an excellent cast!

Technical details: Admittedly, in some places the translation was patchy (especially the OP and ED themes), but I fully expect this will be fixed for the official version when they have the song lyrics in front of them.

Most people who didn't like Gilgamesh complained about the animation because the characters are not drawn in a 'typical' anime style. It's very stylised, and some people couldn't get past that. I think they're missing out! In any case, the plot is the important part, and what will keep you hooked.

Music: I'd put this in the haunting instrumentals category. I certainly wanted the soundtrack afterwards!

Squee factor: This has the one of my favourite ingredients for anime: a sadistic attitude to plot revelations. I believe I referred to it as "malevolent inevitability" when I first saw the scene in which Tatsuya's parentage is revealed. Best of all, would be the frequent feeling of "I don't believe that just happened!"
Another great feature? One of the many subplots in the show involves romantic hints towards a yaoi relationship. Sadly, like most of the coolest parts in this, just saying who it was between or further details would constitute major spoilers.

Fans: You can find the LJ group for the series here: twinxx.

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Rec: Yakumo Tatsu [15 Jun 2004|09:39am]

Title: Yakumo Tatsu (Eight Clouds Standing), by Natsumi Itsuki.

Warning: I have no idea. Violence, and possibly nudity, but nothing too graphic. Another Hana to Yume series.

Acquisition Method: The OVAs are licensed by Media Blasters, but have not been released yet. The manga has not been translated in any form.

Format: 19 volumes of manga, complete. 2 OVAs, complete.

Genre: Occult/supernatural/mythological shoujo.

Plot, Characters: Because I haven't had the opportunity to read this series, I am going to rely on others' summaries. Taken from The Ultimate Manga Guide:
"Shoujo supernatural/sorcery series about the adventures of Kuraki Fuzuchi and Takeo Nanachi. The title "Yakumo Tatsu" refers to the literary name of the Izumo region, the site of many Japanese myths and legends, where the whole story takes place. Kuraki is a high school kid who's an exorcist with great spiritual powers which are manifested through an ancient mysterious sword that he carries around. He is trying to collect other sacred swords with the help of Nanachi, his college buddy who's still unaware of his own latent powers. The two are reincarnations of a miko (a medium for the gods, usually female but in this case, ex-Kuraki was male) and a famous swordsmaker respectively from the ancient times. Kuraki's very good-looking (all the girls swoon over him...) and a martial arts extraordinaire but he's pretty cold and distant because he's got a dark secret while Nanachi is very annoyingly cheerful and generous."
Mangallaria also has a short description and a few black and white scans. Here is some history on the myth from which the story is derived. If that's not enough to sell you on the series, feast your eyes on some artwork (full-color, scanned from the artbook) and the author's official site. There's also tons of pretty fanart to go with that, much of it of the shounen-ai variety (this is a very slashy series). Aestheticism even carries doujinshi for it. Art aside, Yakumo Tatsu is said to have a very complex story as well as highly developed characters.

Seiyuu: The only one I could find is Tomokazu Seki as Kuraki.

Technical details: No anime or translation available, so I can't comment on this. Really pretty art that looks kind of old-school.

Music: Can't comment on this.

Squee factor: Come on, folks! It has pretty boys! Swords! Mythology and supernatural elements! Homoerotic UST! What more can you want?

I have never read this series, so everything I know about it has been gleaned from reading others' summaries and flipping through the pages of the manga volumes I own. There's no way to read it except in raw Japanese. The mangaka is extremely popular in Japan, but virtually unknown here. I would love to see Yakumo Tatsu picked up by any translating group. If anyone knows how I could go about doing so, or has the proper connections, I would be forever in your debt. If there is someone willing to translate/scanslate it, I will gladly scan in the entire thing.

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Rec: Please Save My Earth [15 Jun 2004|09:09am]

Title: Please Save My Earth (Boku no Chikyuu o Mamotte), by Saki Hiwatari.

Warning: Some nudity, not terribly explicit, although there is a rape scene in the manga. If you want an indication of its content, it ran in Hana to Yume.

Acquisition Method: Both the anime and manga have been licensed by VIZ. The anime is out already, and the manga is still being released.

Format: 21 volumes of manga, complete. 6 OVAs, complete.

Genre: Sci-fi shoujo, reincarnation, romance?

Plot: A group of young people have recurring dreams about their past lives as alien scientists who observed Earth from a base on the moon. The series is about the attachment, guilt, and obligation they feel toward the past as they recall the events that transpired leading up to their deaths, and how these affect the lives they are living now.

Characters: Six teenagers and one kid, their past incarnations, and various relations and allies. The main characters are Alice Sakaguchi, a shy, plain girl who has just moved to Tokyo, and Rin Kobayashi, her bratty little next-door neighbor.

Seiyuu: Seiyuu list. A top-notch cast, really.

Technical details: Is the translation up to par? Well, there are a few typos in the official sub. I haven't watched the dub, so I couldn't tell you how that is. The animation is absolutely beautiful, on a par with the manga illustrations at their best. The only complaint I have is that it covers only the first few volumes of the manga, then tries to condense the rest or skips over it entirely. The early manga volumes are not so nice to look at, but if you can get past the late-80's style, the art really improves as you go along. It features the most beautiful manga character I have ever seen. Go to the gallery here for some examples of what I mean.

Music: By Hajime Mizoguchi, also Yoko Kanno did the closing theme, I think. How can you get any better than that?

Squee factor: There's probably something here for everybody. The anime is nearly flawless, the storyline is epic, there's a plot and detailed, developed characters, there's action and romance. The main het couple's relationship is both compelling and disturbing, there's canonical shounen-ai, and there's enough subtext to make plenty of het/slash pairings viable. The whole thing makes X look like crap, I'm serious.

This is a classic series, and I think many people have seen the OVAs, but few have read the manga, and whatever fandom existed is long dead. I'd love for it to make a comeback. I've started a LJ community for it, ps_myearth, so feel welcome to join.

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First Post!! Muahahah! [13 Jun 2004|11:54pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

* Title: Super GALS!
* Warning: None unless you think random acts of violence against TrendWhores is offensive?
* Acquisition Method: Episodes 1-26 are available thanks to ADV Films. All 26 episodes are out. Unfortunately *only* the first 26 episodes are out of the original 52? episode list.
* Format: DVD 1-26 lic 27-52.... no idea... fansubbed maybe?
* Genre: Shoujo, Comedy. Somewhat romantic. It reminds me of Clueless/Mallrats. Seriously it does.
* Plot: Sixteen-year-old first-year Hounan High School student, Ran Kotobuki, is a super gal with an eye for style, a big attitude, and a reputation as the girl in charge in Shibuya. Although her parents would like to see her follow in the long family tradition of serving in the police force, Ran would rather spend her time having fun, shopping, and hanging out with her friends. However, when it comes down to it, Ran has a heart of gold, and although she isn't the first to start a fight (usually), she isn't about to take anybody's crap either, and if you mess with her friends, you'll pay the consequences. Source
* Characters. Same as above, really.
* Seiyuu. Ran: Megumi Toyoguchi (Winry-FMA, Mimiru-.hack, Layla-Avenger)
Yuya (aka #2): Kenichi SUZUMURA (Ayumu-Spiral, Atsuru-Kaikan, Shiki-Tsukihime)
* Technical details. Animation is bright and colorful and well done. Can't say much about translation though some of the "Gal Vocabulary" was a bit reduntant in the translation.
* Music: Hyper and fun. The eyecatches... OMG adorable!
* Squee factor: Well... heh first thing that tickled me were the names of the lead charcters. Ran and Aya. COME ON! How can any WK fangirl not Squee!? Then after I watched it, it became increasingly addicting. Not to mention every outfit... Christ the outfits are SO adorable and I found myself often squealing while watching, "OH MY GOD! I want those SHOES!" or "I WANT THAT TOP!" The girls are SO adorable.
* Additional: Strong possibility that its manga "GALS!" was picked up by DC comics. So here's hoping we at least get a continutation in the form of a manga. Scanlated versions are available through the first half of volume three, and it's 10 volumes in all.

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