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Does your favourite anime have a fandom of one? Do you feel it could be so much bigger if only people would listen to you about how great it is?

Is the anime that you've just discovered been around for so long that no one cares about it anymore?

Do you jump up and down every time a new episode is released, but find that no one else on your friends list is bothered?

Is your fandom massive, but could still benefit from new people with which to have fun?

The purpose of this community is for fans to encourage other anime fans to try out their favourites and hopefully gain more people with which to talk about it.

What makes it different from other similar communities is that we're not focused exclusively on BitTorrent and the latest releases (although reviews of such things are more than welcome!), but would love to hear about anime from any time period. We also focus on positive reviews. Not that bad reviews can't be fun, but the point is for fans to 'sell' their anime to other potential fans. There's no restrictions on who can post, and you're free to promote an anime that someone else has already posted about.

  • Be friendly and have fun! But please note that this community is for the posting of recs only.
  • Anyone can post on whatever anime they like, no matter how long ago it was broadcast or released. A suggested format for reviews is posted below these rules.
  • You can post about an anime even if someone else has posted about it, since the more opinions there are, the better. However, please only post about a particular anime once yourself.
  • Since we want to hear about all the anime we might be interested in, you can recommend hentai and hardcore yaoi. In this case, the first thing in your post should be a warning followed by LJ cut.
  • Since your review is for people who haven't seen the anime in question yet, try to avoid spoilers in your review. A little bit of background is expected, but try to avoid major revelations about the plot or characters' angsty past. It's a fine line indeed, so use an LJ cut when in doubt. Try not to reply to a post with spoilers. If you also like the anime that the poster promoted and want to continue the discussion, why not friend them?
  • Your review needn't be all text! If you like the character designs, why not post a screencap (under an LJ cut, of course)? If you think the soundtrack is excellent, post an mp3 and prove it. However, do not direct-link under any circumstances. Bandwidth stealers are not welcome. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go here. Additionally, please don't post any fan art you haven't created yourself or don't have permission to post.
  • Feel free to contact me with more suggestions or questions. You can reach me at the e-mail address listed above, or by leaving a message on my Livejournal (genkischuldich).

Suggested format:
  • Title. Pretty obvious, I think!
  • Warning. Is this anime sexually-explicit? If so, you need to warn people and LJ cut.
  • Acquisition Method. Is it fansubbed or licensed? Is it only available through BitTorrent or IRC? Or can you simply walk into a shop and buy it?
  • Format. Is it a full-length film, or series? How many episodes are there? Is it ongoing?
  • Genre. What type of anime is it? Sci-fi? Occult? Romance? Martial arts? Does it remind you of any other anime that you liked, and would it also appeal to fans of that series?
  • Plot. A general overview. Leave out the bits that are intended to come as a surprise to viewers, and if in doubt LJ cut it (Sensing a pattern here? *grin*).
  • Seiyuu. Voice actors. Is there anyone you recognise in it?
  • Technical details. Is the translation up to par? What about the animation? If the answer's no, what makes you overlook these details?
  • Music. Is it upbeat pop? Haunting instrumentals?
  • Squee factor. Let's be honest here, sometimes what draws us to a anime isn't always a tangible thing. Sometimes the possibilities for pairings between characters excite us. Sometime we just like the way a character is drawn. Nothing wrong with that! ;)
  • Fans. Where can we find them? Is there a Livejournal group for the show? A message board? A mailing list?

These are, of course, just guidelines for a rec post. Feel free to add or ignore sections as required.

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