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Rec: Yakumo Tatsu

Title: Yakumo Tatsu (Eight Clouds Standing), by Natsumi Itsuki.

Warning: I have no idea. Violence, and possibly nudity, but nothing too graphic. Another Hana to Yume series.

Acquisition Method: The OVAs are licensed by Media Blasters, but have not been released yet. The manga has not been translated in any form.

Format: 19 volumes of manga, complete. 2 OVAs, complete.

Genre: Occult/supernatural/mythological shoujo.

Plot, Characters: Because I haven't had the opportunity to read this series, I am going to rely on others' summaries. Taken from The Ultimate Manga Guide:
"Shoujo supernatural/sorcery series about the adventures of Kuraki Fuzuchi and Takeo Nanachi. The title "Yakumo Tatsu" refers to the literary name of the Izumo region, the site of many Japanese myths and legends, where the whole story takes place. Kuraki is a high school kid who's an exorcist with great spiritual powers which are manifested through an ancient mysterious sword that he carries around. He is trying to collect other sacred swords with the help of Nanachi, his college buddy who's still unaware of his own latent powers. The two are reincarnations of a miko (a medium for the gods, usually female but in this case, ex-Kuraki was male) and a famous swordsmaker respectively from the ancient times. Kuraki's very good-looking (all the girls swoon over him...) and a martial arts extraordinaire but he's pretty cold and distant because he's got a dark secret while Nanachi is very annoyingly cheerful and generous."
Mangallaria also has a short description and a few black and white scans. Here is some history on the myth from which the story is derived. If that's not enough to sell you on the series, feast your eyes on some artwork (full-color, scanned from the artbook) and the author's official site. There's also tons of pretty fanart to go with that, much of it of the shounen-ai variety (this is a very slashy series). Aestheticism even carries doujinshi for it. Art aside, Yakumo Tatsu is said to have a very complex story as well as highly developed characters.

Seiyuu: The only one I could find is Tomokazu Seki as Kuraki.

Technical details: No anime or translation available, so I can't comment on this. Really pretty art that looks kind of old-school.

Music: Can't comment on this.

Squee factor: Come on, folks! It has pretty boys! Swords! Mythology and supernatural elements! Homoerotic UST! What more can you want?

I have never read this series, so everything I know about it has been gleaned from reading others' summaries and flipping through the pages of the manga volumes I own. There's no way to read it except in raw Japanese. The mangaka is extremely popular in Japan, but virtually unknown here. I would love to see Yakumo Tatsu picked up by any translating group. If anyone knows how I could go about doing so, or has the proper connections, I would be forever in your debt. If there is someone willing to translate/scanslate it, I will gladly scan in the entire thing.
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Try contacting these folks and see if they might could take the project on.

Couldn't hurt to ask.
Unfortunately, Nakama is one group I'm hesitant to ask--it's a long story, and I'd rather not say more about it publicly. Thanks for the tip though. I've suggested the title to Sakura-Crisis as well, and got the brush-off. I get the impression a lot of groups don't want to translate a series unless it's shounen or yaoi.
Understood. [grins]

I'll keep an eye out and around. There has to be someone who will pick it up.
I'm a big fan of this manga, though I was surprised to see it recced here. It's virtually unknown online. I own up to vol.6 of the manga and it is a great series. The plot is complex, read VERY complex. The characters' past lives affect their present, you have frequent flashbacks to something happening centuries ago which of course Nanachi has no idea what it all means. Kuraki is the one his clan believes will fulfill an age old prophecy to cleanse the land of evil and collect the 7 holy swords, except he needs his blacksmith with him aka Nanachi^_~ Het/slash/incest are all featured in the relationship between each character. Best of all is that every character is fleshed out, even the very minor ones.

And if you're a fan of the occult/mythology, then you'll be in heaven reading this manga. The mangaka includes notes in the margins about her travels to each region as part of research and it's a lot of fun reading them.

Highly recommended. Though I don't suggest reading this in Japanese unless you're really fluent in the language.
It's so unknown, it's been a frustrating task for me to even find more information on it! I originally found out about it from a Japanese friend who showed me OZ, another series by the same mangaka. I fell in love with the art and ran out to get as many volumes as I could find. I've heard nothing but good things from people who've read it, and from your description, it sounds even more like my kind of series.

And reading the manga is basically out of the question for me, because even with furigana, it's well beyond my level. For now, I'll have to be content to stare at the pretty pictures.
I'm looking forward to the OVAs as I haven't seen them yet. Perhaps some anime exposure will convince publishers to release the manga. One good point of Media Blasters/CPM is that they usually license odd unknown anime titles, even if their packaging is horrible. I think there's a drama cd too for YT.


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Though I don't suggest reading this in Japanese unless you're really fluent in the language.

Oh, why's that...? Is it archaic Japanese, or particularly stylised (like tanbi)?
It's got a few archaic passages in it, though they're mostly mythic background, and lots of obscure Japanese place and tribal names. Alas, IIRC the biggest mythic/ historical/ so what was really happening in the Kojiki account? info dump happens in vol 1 and it's a bit of slog to wade through. After about vol 3 things get into a more regular shoujo swing and we leave epigraphs from the Kojiki and Mircea Eliade on shamanism behind. All the stuff on prehistoric tribal politics does sort of matter, because understanding the flashback stories depends on it; and the flashback stories are *good.*

Seishinja has been at me to do volume by volume synopses for Manga Bonbons. I'm about halfway through vol 1 and -- well, it's a slog. Still, vols 1 & 2 are probably the hardest to do; but equally they're the most fascinating to read.

Kuraki and Nanachi aren't college buddies in the manga. Kuraki is 16 and Nanachi is 21, and I think he may have already graduated from university. Nanachi's cheerful innocence comes off better in the manga than it evidently does in the anime, because there you see, over and over, the effect plain goodness has when you're dealing with forces of darkness and unhappiness.
[waves] Joined the list just because I caught a cross-reference to this series... It's the current obscure series I'm obssessing over. *grin*

I have this DVD. It's two OVA episodes only and covers just the first volume of the Japanese tankoubon. It's a decent, if plain, release by AnimeWorks. And oh, yes, this series has very, very slashy tones to it. ^^

I have up to volume 10 of the manga where patient readers are treated to a very squee!gush episode where Kuraki is frantically hunting down an imprisoned Nanaki... and is most solicitous of his health once he finds him. ^^

The historical backstory looks even more fascinating... I really wish I could pick out more of it, because these people do just keep coming back in the future too. The relationships intrigue me, but unfortunately escape me. -_-;

Here's the cast list, from the 2nd OVA (both on the same DVD). They didn't give a translated list for the 1st one, but the voices don't change much.

Character Seiyuu
Kuraki Fuzuchi Tomokazu Seki
Takeo Nanachi Daisuke Namikawa
Yasuko Fuzuchi Tomo Sakurai
Ushio Fuzuchi Kinryu Arimoto
Ema Mitsuru Mitsuaki Madono
Kitano Hideto Keiji Fujiware
Chika Toda Misa Watanabe
Wakakuni Fuzuchi Yosuke Akimoto
Housekeeper Mako Hyodo

And the history and magical references (including the title reference), I believe, are taken from one of the oldest creation myths of Japan.
Ugh... sorry... that didn't copy/paste very well at all... *blushes* I'll try again...

Character - Seiyuu
Kuraki Fuzuchi - Tomokazu Seki
Takeo Nanachi - Daisuke Namikawa
Yasuko Fuzuchi - Tomo Sakurai
Ushio Fuzuchi - Kinryu Arimoto
Ema Mitsuru - Mitsuaki Madono
Kitano Hideto - Keiji Fujiware
Chika Toda - Misa Watanabe
Wakakuni Fuzuchi - Yosuke Akimoto
Housekeeper - Mako Hyodo

Ooh, I like your tastes. And your icon! ^_^

I have the episodes on DVD now, but haven't had a chance to watch them yet. I hope they'll at least give me a general overview of what's supposed to be going on. This strikes me as a very epic sort of tale.

Please do pimp this series out wherever you can!
Don't know if this has been posted yet, but AnimeSkyScraper has released a subbed version of the OVA. And the OVA is out now on DVD; I just saw it in the store (which is how I came to know about this series).

The entire manga collection is on sale at:

Just search for yakumo tatsu. Is this series shonen-ai or yaoi in any way? There are some groups that I've been reading that are willing to take on new projects. From the anime itself, it seemed like there was some kind of connection between Kuraki and Nanachi. Some groups only take shounen, and some only take yaoi, but if you can give me a hint as to where this story leans, I can point you in the direction of a group that might be willing.

Thanks for recommending this! I'd like to see it become more popular!
Thanks for the info! If you can think of anyone who is willing and able to translate it, please let me know. I have most of the manga (all but the last 4 volumes, I believe), so I could scan it in if some group was interested.

As far as I know, the series is not canonically shounen-ai, but it's easily slashable. Are there any groups just looking for a nice, long shoujo series?


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Well, better late than never, and I don't do scanslations, but if you're interested in a pure text translation, I'm starting one here.
Wow, thank you so much. You have no idea how long I've been waiting for someone to translate this.