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First Post!! Muahahah!

* Title: Super GALS!
* Warning: None unless you think random acts of violence against TrendWhores is offensive?
* Acquisition Method: Episodes 1-26 are available thanks to ADV Films. All 26 episodes are out. Unfortunately *only* the first 26 episodes are out of the original 52? episode list.
* Format: DVD 1-26 lic 27-52.... no idea... fansubbed maybe?
* Genre: Shoujo, Comedy. Somewhat romantic. It reminds me of Clueless/Mallrats. Seriously it does.
* Plot: Sixteen-year-old first-year Hounan High School student, Ran Kotobuki, is a super gal with an eye for style, a big attitude, and a reputation as the girl in charge in Shibuya. Although her parents would like to see her follow in the long family tradition of serving in the police force, Ran would rather spend her time having fun, shopping, and hanging out with her friends. However, when it comes down to it, Ran has a heart of gold, and although she isn't the first to start a fight (usually), she isn't about to take anybody's crap either, and if you mess with her friends, you'll pay the consequences. Source
* Characters. Same as above, really.
* Seiyuu. Ran: Megumi Toyoguchi (Winry-FMA, Mimiru-.hack, Layla-Avenger)
Yuya (aka #2): Kenichi SUZUMURA (Ayumu-Spiral, Atsuru-Kaikan, Shiki-Tsukihime)
* Technical details. Animation is bright and colorful and well done. Can't say much about translation though some of the "Gal Vocabulary" was a bit reduntant in the translation.
* Music: Hyper and fun. The eyecatches... OMG adorable!
* Squee factor: Well... heh first thing that tickled me were the names of the lead charcters. Ran and Aya. COME ON! How can any WK fangirl not Squee!? Then after I watched it, it became increasingly addicting. Not to mention every outfit... Christ the outfits are SO adorable and I found myself often squealing while watching, "OH MY GOD! I want those SHOES!" or "I WANT THAT TOP!" The girls are SO adorable.
* Additional: Strong possibility that its manga "GALS!" was picked up by DC comics. So here's hoping we at least get a continutation in the form of a manga. Scanlated versions are available through the first half of volume three, and it's 10 volumes in all.
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